Agri 3 Solar Energiser - Nemtek - Internal Battery

Agri 3 Solar Energiser - Nemtek - Internal Battery

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Suitable to power 1 x 25m Electric Poultry Fence

  • This energizer can be placed on the top of a star picket and is fully protected by a robust weather resistant housing.
  • Comes with an internal battery so its ready to go right out of the box.
  • Just point the solar panel towards the sun and turn it on.
  • 2-year factory warranty.


This energizer offers the following features:

    • Robust solar bracket and weather-resistant housing
    • On/off TAG to switch the energizer on and off
    • Battery charge state indicator
    • Solar panel charge state indicator
    • Deep sleep mode for battery safe mode storage
    • Day/night sensor
    • Y picket mounting
    • Lightning protection
    • Energy: 0.26 Joules output. 0.33 Joules stored
    • 5 Watt solar panel included
    • Built-in solar regulator: Advanced MPP power management system
    • 2-year factory warranty.