Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600
Chicken Caravan 600

Chicken Caravan 600

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 After the success of our 450 model we decided to make it larger and that's when the Chicken Caravan 600 was born.

The Chicken Caravan 600 is our largest model holding 600 laying chickens.

The Chicken Caravan can be surrounded by an Electric Chicken Fence to keep your chickens contained and predators out.

The Chicken Caravan 600 has a man section in the front that you can go and collect your eggs from the conveyor belt, out of the elements and away from chickens. There is a shelf above the conveyor belt to place spare egg trays and full trays of eggs. 


  • Houses 600 laying hens
  • Rollaway nesting boxes
  • Conveyor belt for egg collection
  • 8 pull out shade/shelter doors on lockable Gas Struts
  • Constructed with Galvanised Steel
  • 2.5 metres wide, 11.5 metres long
  • Auto Open/Close nesting boxes powered by solar
  • Adjustable leveling on nesting boxes (for slopes and uneven ground)


A few things you should know about the Chicken Caravan 600.

This Model comes 100% Assembled.

Because it comes 100% assembled, the unit will be delivered on a semi trailer. The Chicken Caravan 600 will be sent out from our factory in Port Macquarie NSW Australia.

Available to Australian Customers Only

$35,000 Including GST

Contact us now to receive a transport Quote  





How long does it take to put it together?

The Chicken Caravan 600 is fully assembled, you will have to connect the battery once it comes off the truck then it is ready to use. 


How much does the transport cost?

Contact us and we can work out the transport costs to your farm.

Can I just buy the flat packed nesting boxes for 600 hens and put them in my own shed?

Yes, we do offer just our nesting system, see this page for sizes and prices.

I don’t live in Australia, do you export the Chicken Caravan 600 overseas?

At the moment the Chicken Caravan 600 is available to Australian Customers only. We do however export our Chicken Caravan 30, 130, 450 and our skid feeder. These models have been exported to over 10 countries around the world.